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arrested. work that the police chief that kept his entire department up for the last 48 hours. the police are out there hunting for the person or persons behind the shooting. the one that took the life of aaron kidd. he was the other suitland high student shot and killed last night in the parking lot of an apartment complex in forestville. the young man he was with, 18- year-old andre, was rushed to the hospital with gun shot wounds. he died this afternoon. investigators say none of these crimes are connected, but they do have the fact of uniting an entire community in grief. surae chinn with a look at the six young victims. >> this hurts. i feel their pain. i feel the parents' pain. >> he nose because anthony stanley's daughter was the first in a string of high school students murdered in prince georges county this school year. 17-year-old amber stanley was shot to death in her bedroom at the beginning of the school year in august. the flowers high school student was a model and hoped to attend
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harvard. >> it took a lot of time. it's hard. >> central high school honor role student, was gunned down on his way to class. at a candle light vigil, friends described him bursting with love and life. police are expected to make a major announcement by next week. >> it makes you wonder, when will it end? >> in december, 14-year-old reyes, was killed in a drive-by shooting. police have solved the case and believe it was gang related. marcus antonio jones, a friendly high school student was attending a birthday party last month when rival gang members showed up and shot him. police arrested two people. >> i'm grieving myself over my daughter's loss. and my condolences go out to the families. two of them this week at suitland high school. >> those two suitland high
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school students, 15-year-old chuck, c.j. walker, killed over a pair of shoes he planned to give to his girlfriend on monday. police announced they made arrests. and lastly, a mother dropped her son off to school for the very last time. she would never see him again. he would not live long enough to see his child's birth expected next month. >> there's no going back, you know. >> surae chinn, wusa9. and prince georges county leaders are fed up as well. prince georges state's attorney with some very strong words about the crimes and the role of families in the community and stopping this title wave of teen violence. >> after we arrest and prosecute, it's not enough. and i want the community to understand that i stand here today as the state's attorney, not just concerned, but i am
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really enraged that a young person in our community can't walk the streets with a shopping bag without being shot in the back. that's something that aught to be of concern to our entire community. something greater has to be done. we need our parents to wrap their arms around their children, to teach them the proper values. go to school, work hard, and then buy tennis shoes. we don't kill individuals for tennis shoes. we will bring these individuals to justice. >> wow. state's attorney, angela, video taped and live here in the studio. thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate you joining us. your message yesterday, as emotional as i seen you, seem to be, we should all be angry about this. >> we should. as i said yesterday, as a parent who lives here, i don't know how anyone is sad and not feel the grief and feel enraged. i think we all share that pain. i've been hearing all day from our community. >> i think there's little
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doubt this is a tipping point where people realize something has to be done. now you started a task force of some sort with the prince georges county police. what are you working on so far? >> the county executive started a task force. we are planning for a summit on may 4. we have been planning for the last several months. what we see, even here, we find that many of our young men are angry. they are without opportunity, because they dropped out of school. and so we must do something to address the situation regarding jobs and work force development. we also need mentors. many of these young men don't have men in their lives. that's a reality that we face. they don't have proper models. >> you talked about the need for families to get involved with these young people and we know that is a big issue. what can the government do when a family isn't doing its job? >> we need to be honest, but we also need to support these families and that's what we are doing through our office. providing help from the government.
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the department social services. it has to be all of us. it takes all of us. this is a village that we talk about and something has gone terribly wrong in the village of these children. >> let's talk specifically about those five men that you arrested with regard to the murder of charles johnson. what can you tell us about them? were they committing other crimes? who are these guys? >> unfortunately, we have become accustomed to. they were involved in crimes that evening. they were armed and had no regard whatsoever for life. and there were drugs involved. we know, unfortunately, many of the common denominators we have seen existed that night as well. >> is there a shift that has gone on? don't be in a gang, nothing will happen to you. a lot of the kids, amber stanley is lying in her own bed, someone shoots her. markell ross walking to school, somebody shoots him. has something changed? >> you know, something has
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changed. we haven't transferred the proper values, if we are honest about it, to cheese children. things have grown progressively worse over the years. but there's something wrong in terms of that child's values. we haven't been honest about it and i think it's catching up. as well as glorifying violence. you sit home all day and watch violent video games and think it won't affect you, you should think again. >> what is it now? why are these kids shooting each other? >> it's the violence. it's glorifying violence. many sit home all day and play violent video games. sometimes even with their parents. they stand in line to buy tennis shoes before the store opens. you stand in long lines and we teach our children that these are items that we should glorify and value in a way that is inappropriate. >> now, as someone who is a part of law enforcement, what can you say that you guys are doing that is working or not working? >> the frustrating thing is
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law enforcement is working. you see in this case, this case has been solved. we have the five individuals in custody. i will prosecute those five individuals and we will incarcerate them. we will remove them from our community. unless we are able to address those underlying issues that got us here in the first place, the whole cycle of arrestings, prosecuting, and incarcerating is not enough. >> we said you can't arrest your way out of this problem, what can you do? >> you can educate yourself out of this problem. the one thing we know is that if you are educated, your opportunities increase. if you are not educated, we find that young men and young women who drop out of school, their opportunities decline. >> thank you for being here. this has been a great conversation. we hope it won't be the last one. >> i hope so as well. thank you so much. >> thanks, again. all right folks, so what is your take on all this? the violence, the young lives it's snatching away.
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my mailbag. i want your ideas and of course we'll share them in mcginty's mail bag. still ahead tonight, a scholarship surprise. wait until you see the moment when one local high school senior finds out he is getting the full ride. and, pleading guilty. a former congressman admits he took campaign money for personal expenses and we have new information on jesse jackson, jr.'s crimes and what's likely to happen to him. that's next. you're watching your only local news at 7:00 on wusa9.
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: jesse, jackson, jr., facing prison time after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds. on his way out of the courthouse, the former congressman spoke with bruce johnson. >> one of the country's best known political names. one of the country's best known civil rights names, but the former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., and his
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wife, both left u.s. district court today convicted felons. >> just a quick message. not a proud day. i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> i fully understand the consequences of my actions. i have no interest in wasting the taxpayer's time. that's part of what former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., told a judge today. weeping quietly at times, while pleading guilty to one felony conspiracy count. >> jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct and those who were in court so he did precisely that. >> his entire famous family was there. his father, the civil rights icon, his mother, jackie, and four siblings. >> well, jackie, do you have anything? >> we love the people of chicago. >> jesse, jr., often looked back at them in the courtroom while admitting to using more than $750,000 in campaign funds on personal expenditures,
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including a $43,000 gold plated rolex watch and furniture for their children's rooms. jackson entered treatment for a bi polar disorder. his defense will count on that at sentencing when he could face up to five years in prison. before the same judge, sandra jackson entered a guilty plea to filing a false tax return. >> legal observers inside the courtroom say she could get probation, but they expect the former congressman, jesse jackson, jr., to get prison time. sentencing for both is set for late june. this is bruce johnson reporting from u.s. district courthouse for wusa9. we have new information for you tonight on that suspicious house fire in reston we first told you about monday. police now say the pregnant woman found dead inside the burning apartment, her name was 38-year-old jennifer pearson. she lived in the apartment where he body was found. she suffered knife or gun shot wounds. now there is word from texas, her husband was found dead on tuesday. police are investigating his
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death as a suicide. you might want to keep that umbrella handy. topper joins me next with a forecast that does include rain. also ahead, the scholarship surprise. you'll see the exact moment a local young man finds out that he is headed off to college all expenses paid. you'll want
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defense secretary was a strong message to congress, solve that stalemate over
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sequestration or he will have to furlough the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers. in a letter, panetta said if the budget cuts kick in march 1, workers would lose one day of work every week for 22 weeks. that means a 20% pay cut over that period. if you played the megamillions lottery on tuesday, you might want to check your numbers. there was just one winning ticket in tuesday's drawing and it is worth $26 million. and it was sold at this shell station on lake view drive in maryland. officials say so far, nobody has gotten in touch with them with the winning ticket. so, you know, it's still out there somewhere. >> i know a couple guys and they are my good friends. >> did they buy tickets? >> i don't know. people don't buy if they are not $300 million. a little below average. let's take a live look outside. it is still cold. our average high is up to 47. we were quite below today.
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we'll be below average again tomorrow. michael and son weather cam, look at the kennedy center. down do 34 at national. clear skies. winds are gusting to 20 miles per hour. look at the dew point. this is a dry air mass. outdoor humidity at 30%. radar is quiet right now, we have a few clouds that will roll in late. no concern for us right now. we'll look at temperatures. we're looking at temperatures 31 in bethesda. 32 in reston. only 34 in old town and 33 up to northeast in college park and also in bowie. so temperatures are going to fall quickly. and what does it feel like? it feels like it's 22 in gaithersburg. feels like 22 in manassas. 23 downtown. feels like it's 23 over by the bay and annapolis. so talking teens and twenties already. colder tonight and still breezy.
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breezy on thursday and cold. light mix of snow possible. could change to light rain on friday, but this is not a big system headed our way. a bigger storm on saturday. that's going to give us a cold, raw rain we think on saturday and saturday afternoon. so, tonight, clear skies, breezy, colder. windchills in the teens. lows 20 to 25. winds northwest at 10 to 15. by morning, plenty of sunshine, but breezy and cold. 20s and 30s translates into teens and twenties with the winds back up northwest at 10 to 20 and occasionally gusty. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy, and still seasonally cold. winds now northwest at 10 to 15. not quite as strong in the afternoon. high temperatures around 40. zone forecast, remember all these zones are on our website, 24 in oakland. 32 in cumberland. mid 30s hagerstown. upper 30s in winchester. you should make low 40s in culpeper. but leesburg and fairfax will struggle to get to 40.
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40 downtown. low 40s into southern maryland and by the bay. and small craft advisories through tomorrow. maybe 40 in gaithersburg. probably only 39 up toward frederick. so, tomorrow we're fine. breezy and cold. nine yell yellow alerts. a cold rain on saturday. temperatures in the low 40s. we need some rain. that's not a bad day. sunshine, low 50s on monday. another cold rain on tuesday with temperatures back into the mid 40s and then wednesday, maybe a flurry. temperatures in the mid 40s. by wednesday, we are very close to getting out of february. >> is that the end of metrological winter? >> yes, it is. very good. >> i learned something over these last ten years. >> nice job. >> let's talk about a d.c. student who was one of 180 high school seniors from all over the country who aflied for the
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scholarship. during class today, he found out he won. he's going to college all expenses paid. >> today, we are delighted to present a full tuition scholarship valued at over $130,000. [ applause ] >> aren't you happy for them? one of just 13 seniors in the country picked for the full- ride scholarship based on their commitment to tolerance. if it wasn't for this, a college education would not have been possible. >> i have never felt this amazing. words can't describe how i feel right now. >> yeah, man. he was calling his mom to share
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the good news. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address is 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, some immediate reaction on the wusa9 facebook page. in the senseless murder of 15- year-old, charles walker. they wanted to rob him of the shoes he had. michael smith writes, good. i hope they are charged to the fullest. they should get the death penalty. doesn't matter if they are black or white. this young man died over a pair of boots. sorry, michael, maryland doesn't really execute people anymore. they haven't done it since '05. the governor wants to get rid of capital punishment. i'm not sure if all those suspects are over 18. jimenez is a bit more cynical about the whole thing. next, we'll get to hear how all
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five football players well- liked by friends and family had aspirations before going to college. the family, as well as media, will blame society, or perhaps jimenez. the judges and juries are ultimately unlikely to be swayed by such considerations. and finally, we got this e-mail reacting to that story out of belgium this week regarding a $50 million diamond heist in which the crooks disguised themselves as cops, rolled a van on to an airport tarmac and snatched jewels. john writes, sounds very familiar. and there's a reason for that. belgium diamond heist is a direct ripoff from the movie, heist, in 2001. down to robbing using police uniforms from an airport on the runway and the fact that they took it from a swiz airliner. however, in the movie they took gold instead of diamonds. john sent us the link and it looks like he is absolutely right about that. talk about life imitating art.
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talk about whatever you like to in mcginty's mail bag. the address is don't forget to send your name and where you're writing us from. that sour report. i'll be back here at 11:00 along with lesli foster and topper shutt. log on any time you like to we'll see you a bit later. bye bye.
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michael jackson's son. how did he do in his first assignment as an "e.t." correspondent? i'm nancy o'dell. >> i'm rob marciano in new york. i am the only journalist with robin roberts after her "gma" return. exclusive. come on, robin. >> rob. >> what a great show. how does it feel? >> the tears. the nerves. everything you didn't see on "gma." >> good morning, america. >> "e.t.'s" were the only cameras allowed access. we'll show you behind the scene moments. alec baldwin's hate crime investigation. new video of his teen daughter getting grilled. >> any comment on your dad's racial outburst? michael jackson's son. his first "e.t." assignment begins. >> are we your first interview? >> actually, yes, you are. >> tonight, my new

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